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5 Proven Takeaways for Employee Engagement Success from the 2019 Summit and Trade Show (Afternoon Sessions)

There’s a lot of buzz about #EmployeeEngagement, but what does it look like? There are a variety of descriptions, but I like Gallup’s: engaged employees are enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

High levels of engagement promote retention of talent and foster customer loyalty while improving both organizational performance and stakeholder value.

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Maximize Prescription Drug Program Value Results Through Improved Employee Engagement Strategies

Last week the Kaiser Family Foundation released a health tracking poll that revealed that one in four U.S. patients has trouble affording their medication. Three in ten (29%) of adults don’t take their medications as prescribed. Affordability is particularly acute for patients who take four or more prescriptions (35% reported difficulty affording). Numerous studies show that lack of medication adherence drives up medical costs.


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