The Best Practice Award is bestowed upon those organizations that have implemented an innovative, benefits-related best practice and demonstrated quantifiable results.  

Best Practices in Employee Benefits Award Winners


Cabot Corporation
For their comprehensive Retirement Planning Guide and the associated multi-pronged employee communications campaign provide a detailed overview of the many benefits and resources available to employees now, and in retirement. An estimated 95% of employees retiring in 2019 used the guide, and HR Business Partners reported that meetings with impending retirees were reduced by half.

CVS Health
For their internal Stamp Out Stigma campaign which supports colleague’s mental and emotional health.  The campaign generated thousands of colleagues taking the Stamp Out Stigma Pledge, thousands of page views and hundreds of supportive comments on their intranet site, and an uptick in the top ten EAP categories related to mental health and substance abuse compared to the prior year.

Grayken Center for Addiction at Boston Medical Center
 For their comprehensive approach to fighting the opioid epidemic and reducing the stigma of getting help for substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health challenges, resulting in a 3.3% decrease in health costs for SUD/behavioral health, 5.9% decrease in ER costs and a reduction in claims among employees on its health plan.

Norway Savings Bank
For their addition of a wellness technology portal to their existing wellness program and a new communications campaign that reinvigorated the program.  As a result, 95% of employees participate in the wellness program, 89% use the portal, and there were significant reductions reported in high blood pressure, risk behaviors and tobacco use.

Ocean Spray Cranberries 
For their multi-media employee communications program built around top 5 topics for 2019 – consumerism (inspire), whole self-awareness (empower), mental health (encourage), life events (educate) and financial fitness (invest) – and aimed at removing the impediments that limit their employees’ ability to bring their best selves to work. The new website had an 18% increase in overall user activity, and traffic to the EAP increased by 87%.

The Granite Group 
For their journey to well-being for their unique demographic that encompassed physical, emotional and financial wellness and included some very clever and creative incentives.  This resulted in their first-ever flat renewal and a reduction in MLR from 130 to less than 60 in the first year, and another flat renewal plus deductibles cut in half in year two.

For offering benefits that are diverse and extend beyond traditional insurance, such as parental leave, expert personal care finding service, progressive family planning reimbursement policies and concierge amenities. As an “Employer of Choice,” TripAdvisor measures success by engagement in the multitude of benefits they offer.



Blount Fine Foods Corporation
For their dedicated Wellness Resource Advocate, a new position that provides assistance for a variety of issues affecting the workforce including financial, homelessness, substance abuse and stress-related issues.

CVS Health
For their implementation of an Accountable Care Organization that improved quality of care and satisfaction while also containing costs.

Lahey Health System
For their custom care management program that has made progress in integrating internal clinical resources to improve engagement and health outcomes for employees, as well as reducing health care costs.

Sullivan & Worcester LLP
For their 
new managed account retirement option that at the time of the award,
already had a 13% participation rate.


 Wellness Excellence Award Winners (new for 2018)

For their holistic well-being approach encompassing physical, emotional and financial health, character strength, purpose and social connection, that has boosted productivity and retention.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
For their broad spectrum well-being program that includes innovating in the opioid epidemic.

National Fire Protection Association
For their wellbeing program with frequent, on-site resources that have reduced barriers to employee mental and physical wellbeing, including a mindfulness wellness approach that at the time of the award, had been adopted by over one-third of the workforce.

Nuance Communications
For their global wellness program that at the time of the award, had successfully engaged
over 3,000 employees in 20 countries.

Congratulations to all our winners since 1998!