A Message From

Patty Houpt
Executive Director of NEEBC




Dear NEEBC Community,

Over these past months of navigating the COVID-19 Crisis, NEEBC has been steadfast in its commitment to support our members and the benefits community by providing timely, critical information, as well as emotional and professional support.

The pandemic's impact is incalculable and affects each of us and our teams differently. Some industries have continued to work nonstop, many others are in industries facing furloughs or layoffs, and many have transitioned to work-from-home environments. All of us want to keep our employees safe, while complying with new laws and taking care of our families.

With the escalation of social unrest and volatility, we want to recognize how both the Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have brought into focus the profound inequities and areas of our society that need recognition, support, and mending.

In these troubling and uncertain times, it is important to remember that NEEBC is a grass roots organization, a diverse community of incredible people and professionals with common values, a community which stands together in unity for equality and justice and in condemnation of bigotry and racism in all of its ugly forms.  As a group, we want to state that we are committed to expanding our awareness of social disparities and to taking actions that promote inclusivity, justice, equality, and advancement for all.

How we move forward as a benefits community is now the priority. As we find our way to the other side of both the Pandemic and the pain of injustice, NEEBC will be here to support you and your team. We truly are in this “all together,” and we are inspired by the many NEEBC members who are giving back during this challenging time.

Board member Robin Antonellis, Vice President of Human Resources at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, offered a personal letter she wrote to her team. We share an adapted version of the letter with you, along with her blog post, to help you consider the ways we move forward as a benefits community.

Most sincerely,