2019 Fall Newsletter

White Papers & Articles


Abacus Health Diabetes Care Rewards Program, a previous NEEBC Best Practice Award winning program, has published 10 years of results in a scientifically controlled research paper.  The results prove the impact of the program on:

  • Increasing care activities (e.g., a 32% increase in semi-annual HbA1c testing);
  • Clinical measures (e.g., a 20.1% decrease in members with an HbA1c greater than 9);
  • Shifts in service utilization (e.g., a 54% increase in physician visits versus a 40% decrease in hospital admissions);
  • Documented cost of medical care decrease of $1395.60 per member annually, an over $16 million in avoided high claims costs.

To read Abacus Health's white paper "How an Innovative, Behavioral Science Approach Increases Patient Engagement, Improves Health, and Reduces Diabetes Cost Trend," click here.

Aetna has shared the following white papers:

Groom Law Group has shared their update on the Final HRA Regulations, "Hip, Hip, HRA? New Rules Regarding Account-Based Group Health Plans Could Have Some Employers Cheering."  To read Groom's update on the final regulation, click here.

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