Mentoring Program

Enhance Your Professional Development with NEEBC’s Unique Mentoring Program

Please sign up by December 22, 2016 to participate in the 2017 program.

NEEBC is pleased to announce our 2017 Group Mentoring Program for benefits professionals who are relatively new to the industry and looking to grow within the profession. Introduced in 2014, the program has provided a forum for learning and the exchange of ideas to more than 50 emerging benefits professionals!

The primary goal of the program is to help empower emerging benefits professionals with the industry knowledge and skills to help them succeed. The program provides an informal, relaxed forum to discuss real-life business and career challenges with experienced benefits professionals and peers within the NEEBC community. We invite you to join us or share this message with industry colleagues who may be interested in participating.

The 2017 NEEBC Group Mentoring Program will consist of one or more small groups of emerging benefits professionals. Each group will be facilitated by two experienced leaders in the field. The program will run from January through October 2017.

What is an Emerging Benefits Professional?
Our target audience is benefits professionals who have fewer than 10 years experience in benefits.

What is the NEEBC Group Mentoring Program?

  • A 360 learning environment for emerging benefits professionals to learn about employee benefits and the skills required to succeed from experienced leaders in the field and each other.
  • A forum for discussing specific challenges, both business - and career-related.
  • There is no cost to participate in the program. Emerging benefits professionals who wish to participate need to be a 2017 NEEBC Individual or Organizational Member, and we ask that organizational members inform their manager about their participation prior to the January kickoff meeting.    

What Will the Program Address?
The program will offer a collaborative environment with focus on both business and career-related challenges. For example, topics discussed in past programs include:

  • The benefits profession from all sides.
  • Skills for success in benefits.
  • Deep dive into benefits issues of the day.
  • Constructing a vision, strategy and plan and obtaining the support and feedback needed to manage your professional growth.
  • Maximizing the potential of professional connections and industry groups.
  • Developing leadership skills and competencies.

Where and How Often Will the Groups Meet?

  • We are planning to have two groups in 2017, one in Boston and one in Waltham. Group locations and meeting times will depend on participant interest and availability.
  • Monthly sessions will be held from January - June, and in September and October.
  • Site visits, 1:1 sessions and/or flexible small group sessions will be held during the summer (July – August).
  • Sessions are expected to last 1.5 hours.

What’s Expected of Participants?

  • Commit to regular attendance and active participation.
  • Read and review suggested materials as shared and in preparation for group meetings.
  • Be willing to provide useful feedback and ideas.
  • Identify personal/professional development goals and expected outcomes upfront.
  • Be open to feedback and coaching.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Maintain personal and professional boundaries with group leaders and peers.
  • If you are an Organizational Member, inform your employer of your participation in advance.

How to Get Involved?
Please send an email to Ross Weiler (  by December 22nd, 2016 with the following information:

  • Name
  • Best email address and phone # to reach you
  • Employer and position
  • City/town of residence
  • City/town of work location
  • # of years in the benefits industry
  • # of years as a NEEBC member
  • Why you are interested in participating
  • What time(s) of day could you meet: a) before work, b) at lunchtime, c) late afternoon and/or d) after work?
  • Could you meet: a) in downtown Boston, b) west of Boston (around 128/Mass Pike in the Waltham area)? 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Ross at the email address above or 978-460-8413. 

Thanks in advance for your interest, and we hope you will join us!